04/14 Ryan’s “Easter Weekend” Friday Forecast

Since most local schools were on Spring Break, today officially kicked off the Easter weekend! Today’s weather was similar to what we’ll see over the next few days, though we’ll begin seeing chances of showers during the warmest parts of the afternoon on Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Tonight will be another warm and humid one, but any fog potential will be limited by our brisk southerly winds. This evening’s partly cloudy skies will become tomorrow’s partly sunny skies, which will provide enough shade to keep us out of the 80s, but only by a degree. From about noon until 4 PM, the Gulf Coast has a small chance of seeing a few “daytime heating” driven showers/t-storms, but at this time I’m expecting to see very little. This pattern carries over into Easter Sunday and even has a slightly higher chance of rain, but I still feel very little will fall over South MS, so there’s no reason to cancel any holiday travel plans or activities.

Next week will bring more dry and sunny weather, and we’ll be trending upwards again into the low 80s by next weekend.

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