04/01 Ryan’s “Frosty” Thursday Night Forecast

You probably thought we were done with cold weather, but we still get a few frosty nights in early spring. Tonight is one of those nights as the low falls to 36 degrees.

A frost advisory has been issued since it is so early in the planting season, so take steps to protect sensitive plants.

The cooling trend continues into tomorrow as well, afternoon high falling to a cool 61 degrees. Thankfully the wind will have weakened by that time, so the wind chill won’t be a factor.

From that point on it’ll only get warmer and more humid each day for the rest of the forecast period.

It’ll happen so slowly you likely won’t notice, but we’ll be back into the 70s by Easter Sunday, the mid 70s by Tuesday, and into the 80s by next Thursday. It’s only there at the end that we see any rain chances, and even then they’ll be of the “heating induced” variety.

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