03/26 – Rob Knight’s “Record Heat Possible” Thursday Morning Forecast

A deck of stratus clouds is invading the area this morning. This ceiling is from 200 to 500 feet with pockets of dense fog. Even though most of the area has not seen 90 degrees before in March, the forecast will show a few areas that have the highest potential of reaching this temperature through Saturday.

As temperatures get that warm this time of year it activates a sea breeze during the afternoon which tends to help cool things down a bit, but where lake and sea breeze boundaries collide during the afternoon, winds can go light to calm allowing these areas to become quite warm.

This type of thing occurs over and along the coast where the heat and land effect causes lift along this boundary as well. Normally we will see showers/t-storms break out during the summer along this axis but we are dominated by a deep stacked ridge keeping any showers/t-storms from developing.

A cold front is expected to move to the coast by Sunday morning and stall without a lot of activity along it. This boundary will get reactivated as a warm front Monday then a cold front should move through Tuesday. It is during this time frame that we could see the best chances of showers/t-storms and some much needed rainfall.

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