02/15 Ryan’s “Heavy” Friday Evening Forecast

The air is already heavy with moisture and it’s only going to get worse over the next week. Evening lows have risen into the 60s and we’ll see several afternoons in the low 70s over the next week.

Don’t expect today’s gloomy sky conditions to change much either, and rain chances will only continue to inch upwards.

What’s essentially happening is we’re being trapped in the warm sector of a few frontal systems as they’re pushed through by westerly winds. Cold fronts come close enough to increase southerly winds, cloud cover, and rain chances, but don’t fully push through until Monday morning. This front will move in overnight on Sunday, but will stall almost immediately after moving through.

This means the short-lived wind shift we’ll see will bring some slightly cooler conditions, but the boundary never moves far enough away to see any significant sky clearance.

The stationary boundary will then transition into the warm front of the next system which will move through Wednesday. This process repeats again Friday, so we won’t see the sun again for quite some time.

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