02/07 Ryan’s “Finally Changing” Thursday Evening Forecast

The weather has been consistently gloomy since the beginning of the week, but that is finally changing as a cold front moves in. The leading edge of the outflow will arrive in the evening bringing scattered showers and an isolated chance of a thunderstorm. The front itself will move in early Friday morning and will bring the first round of cooler and drier air in quite some time.

This Arctic air will only bring temperatures into the cool 50s for the weekend’s afternoons, but we will see one chilly night in the upper 30s and low 40s on Friday night as well.

These cooler and drier changes do not last long though. By Sunday, return flow will already have set up and warm/moist air returns to South MS. Temperatures will rise into the mid 60s and low 70s by the start of the work week and an approaching warm front from the Gulf of Mexico will begin bring a 40% chance of showers as well. This warm and rainy trend continues through most of the week, but skies begin to open up again by Valentine’s Day.

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