02/01 Ryan’s “Even Colder” Monday Night Forecast

Last night was cold, but tonight will be even colder. Thankfully the wind will die down a bit, so our low of 33 won’t feel drastically lower. Winds will remain near 5 miles per hour and from the northwest, but will pick up again slightly tomorrow afternoon. We’ll also warm a few degrees tomorrow, up to 56 which is still considerably below average. The warming trend doesn’t stop there, it just won’t be very noticeable until later in the week.

We’ll still be below average for both Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, but things start to change quickly from there.

The ridge in the area begins to move further eastward, so southerly winds will begin to bring in more humid air. This adds around 10 degrees to our high and low, bringing them above average. The high climbs almost back into the 70s, but our next front moves in to finish of the week. This will bring showers and possible thunderstorms, as well as another round of colder air by Sunday.

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