01/28 Ryan’s “Falling Lows” Thursday Night Forecast

This morning wasn’t quite as cold as expected, but still chilly as lows fell into the low 40s and upper 30s across South MS. We’re still in the midst of that cooling trend though, so tonight’s low will fall even farther…down to 34 degrees on the waterfront.

That’ll bring “light freeze” conditions tonight, so take care to protect your sensitive plants, outdoor pets, and exposed pipes…especially if you live further inland.

Thankfully though, that’s where the cooling stops and the warming begins. I’m expecting tomorrow’s high to be about a degree warmer than today’s (58), with just as much sunshine. Clouds will return as we head into the weekend though, as our next front closes in. This will lead to a cloudy end to Saturday and rainy start to Sunday, along with another couple of considerably warmer days and nights. Much like our current cold snap, this warming trend won’t last long and we’ll back into the 30s at night by the start of next week.

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