01/22 Ryan’s “Damp” Friday Night Forecast

Rain moved in early this morning, but the rest of the day was only damp as little more fell. Thankfully the weekend is looking similar, with cloudy skies and only spotty rainfall at best. Things will be a bit cooler tonight thanks to the increased clouds and daytime showers, low near 52 degrees. Patchy fog near the coast will be possible, but limited due to a light dry breeze from the northeast.

Tomorrow afternoon’s high continues the short-term cooling trend, high just below the average of 61 degrees.

That’s where the cooling stops though. Expect a sharp increase towards Monday, temperature rising into the low 70s as a front moves in. That means higher humidity as well, so more fog possible. Things will clear some into Tuesday, but another fast-moving front will bring another surge of warm, moist air by Wednesday. This longer-wave front will bring more long term cooling and clearing for next weekend.

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