01/15 Ryan’s “Much Colder” Friday Night Forecast

Saw a little change last night, not much today, but it’ll be much colder tonight. Expect to fall to just at, or slightly above freezing on the waterfront with inland areas falling into the lower 30s.

That means you’ll need to cover any sensitive plants, and bring in outdoor pets if possible.

Tomorrow will largely remain the same as today with a nice, cool high near 56 and sunny skies. That’s about as cool as I expect it to get before we start heading the other direction. It’ll go pretty far in the other too, getting back to average by Monday, and beyond for the rest of the week. That’s all due to our next “weather-maker” moving in by Thursday night/Friday morning. Expect the highs to climb into the upper 60s by then, with nights in the mid 50s. Don’t worry too much cold weather fans…it’ll be back soon after.

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