01/15 Ryan’s “Cool & Clearing” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Today was as cool as expected, and clearing skies made for a nice afternoon and sunset. Clouds began to move in again around that time, but wont linger far into Wednesday. Tonight’s low will remain in the low 40s like last night’s did, but our afternoon warming trend continues and increases after return flow begins tomorrow afternoon.

This sets the stage for a front expected on Thursday afternoon, but don’t anticipate much more than scattered showers and grey skies.

Unfortunately, the boundary stalls and doesn’t push completely into the Northern Gulf. This lingering area of low pressure will keep a decent chance of showers and cloudy skies in place through Friday and into Saturday morning. It’s at that point another front moves in, but this one will be significantly more robust than Thursday’s.

What this front will bring is an Arctic airmass, which will drop temperatures into the upper 20s by Sunday night. Couple that with the 20-25 mph winds I’m forecasting and wind chills in the low 20s and upper teens are likely.

This is dangerous territory, especially for South Mississippi, so stay tuned for updates.

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