Zip’n Fun Adventure Park Officially Open in Gulfport

Let the adventure officially begin!
Gulfport city leaders and staff members celebrated the official opening of Zip’n Fun Adventure Park in Gulfport this afternoon.
The outdoor experience gives guests a view of nature as they conquer challenges along the 50 game, tree-to-tree obstacle course. The challenge course includes swinging logs, tunnels, nets, pegs, zip lines and so much more.
This attraction is the first of its kind to makes its way to the Gulf Coast. Zip’n Fun Adventure Park General Manager Mark Moore said, “Different people find different things challenging. What I find easy, someone else may find challenging and vice versa. So every person is challenged somewhere throughout the course.” Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “This is one more great addition for Gulfport, particularly in the family-oriented category where people are looking for something to do, but it’s not just for families, it’s a great confidence course. It’s just a lot of fun. You got a couple or three hours to spend? Come here.”
Staff members encourage everyone to harness up and clip-in for a day of Zip’n fun.

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