Zeta debris removal update for unincorporated Harrison County

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors has released a debris removal update for the unincorporated portions of the county.

  • All areas of the unincorporated County should have had debris collected once at this point.  If an address or street has been missed, please call the hotline number to report it, and those areas will be addressed first.
  • Beginning January 4, Crowder Gulf will be starting their second pass through the County.  Any Hurricane Zeta debris needs to be brought to the right-of-way by then to be sure it is collected.  If any resident still has too much debris to get to the road safely, please call the hotline number to coordinate additional collections.
  • This contracted effort is only for Hurricane Zeta debris.  It will be best collected when vegetative debris and other damage debris are separated, and they will likely be collected by different trucks.  Other bulk waste should be collected by the normal waste hauler, but may need to be identified to make sure they are aware it is not Hurricane debris.  Please call the hotline number if you are not sure about the classification.
  • Hotline Number:  228-337-0986
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