Yuletide on the Roadside

No one likes having to pay off a traffic ticket, especially during that special time of year when we’re putting our extra money toward the holidays. This weekend, Pascagoula police officers participated in a very special Christmas patrol.
Flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror and the sound of a police siren are usually things no one wants to see or hear while they’re on the road. Pascagoula police officers and the city’s VFW teamed up this weekend and cracked down on drivers as a part of a special holiday patrol. Pascagoula VFW Sr. Vice Commander David Pettys said, “We’re gonna partner up with a couple of police officers and go out and conduct a couple of random traffic stops as well as roadblocks and for those we feel that need a few extra dollars in their pocket for Christmas, we’re gonna hand out Walmart gift cards. All of us veterans, we served our country, now we want to let everybody know that we’re still here. We’re still here for you in other capacities.”
Lieutenant Bob Cochran with Pascagoula PD said, “You just absolutely see them go from 0 to 60 back to 0 and you’ll see a lot of hugs. You’ll see a lot of thank yous. You’ll see a lot of things today.”
That’s exactly what happened once the VFW and Pascagoula’s finest started spreading the Christmas spirit in their community.
The VFW gave away $1,500 worth of gift cards to those in need this holiday season. They’ve done this for three years and hope to see it grow into something bigger and better with each passing Christmas.

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