Youthbuild Shoe Donation

The Gulfport High School Admirals and Harrison Central Red Rebels are used to being on opposite ends of the court, but today they came together as one team for a good cause.
International Relief and Development received a truckload of Toms Shoes today to be distributed to elementary schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and others in need like Baton Rouge flood victims. The two rival basketball and baseball teams say even though they’re rivals, they hope their teamwork together will show the love they all have for the community.
Gulfport High student Miles Daniels said, “Coach tells us all the time it’s better to give to your community and that’s what being an Admiral is all about.”
Harrison Central High student Torivio Hall said, “We’re very competitive, but it’s still good to come out here with our rivals and help work together to accomplish a greater goal.”
Jake Cook with International Relief and Development Youth Build said, “They’re going in with their attitudes, with great attitudes, a will, a strong work ethic, and working as a team. It just sets the tone for our distribution for days to come.”
International Relief and Development gives with Toms every six month. This is their fourth round of donations in the last two years.

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