Young world-record walker stops on the Coast

More than 370 million people around the world suffer from diabetes. While doctors continue working toward a cure, one 11-year-old child is making major strides to help. That young diabetes advocate was on the Coast today.
Eleven-year-old Noah Barnes is the youngest person to ever walk across America. “4,240 miles in an eleven month period.”
Starting from Key West, Florida all the way to Blaine, Washington, Noah and his father Robert traveled on foot, marching to cure diabetes. “I just don’t feel like getting poked anymore,” said Noah.
Noah has type 1 diabetes which means his pancreas can’t produce insulin on its own, which is needed to allow glucose to enter his cells. “I just see kids running around getting themselves shot with Nerf darts. I’m getting poked, waiting to go to war.”
That war Noah is talking about is the battle to find a cure for what he’s been fighting since he was 16-months-old. The 11-year-old world record breaker made a stop at the Diabetes Center in Ocean Springs. Diabetes Center Owner Nurse KC Arnold said, “To me, we help people in this community everyday with diabetes and the fact that they called us up and wanted to come visit was such an awesome thing for me.”
Noah shared stories from his journey across the country with the staff. Walking across the United States, Noah has visited many places, stopping along the way for community meet ups and events to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes research. “He is inspired to me. At age 11, what he’s done this past year and how educated he is to get the message out that we need a cure for diabetes.”
Noah’s message: “We’re this close to the cure. Hang tight. We’re this close and we need your help.”
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