WWII Vets Visit National World War II Museum

It was a touching commemoration in New Orleans today when a group of World War II veterans from the Coast visited the National World War II Museum. News 25’s Kristen Durand takes us back to the throes of war as local vets are taken down memory lane.
When World War II veteran Richard Wade decided to enlist in the military 71 years ago, he was only 16, just a year shy of being old enough to enlist. But with one small fix to his birth certificate, he was suddenly 17. “A gum eraser works very good and the 1927 date, with a little bit of eraser, it came out to be 1926. I went down to the Navy Recruiting Office, handed in my paper and he said ‘you’re enlisted.’”
Today, he re-lived that memory and others from his time serving in WWII. He, along with at least 200 other vets, visited the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Retired Navy flier Kenneth Taylor was taken back to the battlefield in Midway, fighting the Japanese. “I was flying over an aircraft carrier and we attacked the Japanese fleet and we sunk three aircraft carriers that same day and several other ships, 18 other ships I believe.”
Now many of us can only imagine what WWII must have been like but these veterans have been through it all and this museum helps bring their history back to life. Wade, a retired Commander Master Chief in the U.S. Navy Seabees, said, “This represents the United States and the things that its citizens went though, both civilian and military. We went over there and fought and the civilians back here supported us one hundred percent.”
Members from multiple branches of the military made the hour and a half trip to relive memories that will live on forever. “They’re friends now but when we got here, they were not. The camaraderie never goes away when you meet another military man,” said Wade.
Today’s trip was made possible by Riemann Family Funeral Homes. This is their fourth year taking vets down to New Orleans.

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