Wreath Pickup Tomorrow

Despite the weather, the Crusaders for Veterans need all hands on deck tomorrow morning.
The first weekend of December, the crusaders for veterans lay wreaths on graves at the Biloxi National Cemetery and at the Beauvoir, and now they need help removing them.
Volunteers interested in helping need to meet at the Biloxi National Cemetery at 8 Saturday morning as well as the Jefferson Davis Cemetery at 2 pm.
While there is inclement weather forecasted for tomorrow morning, the president of crusaders tells news 25, it’s nothing like the weather men and women now honored at the cemetery faced while they fought for our country.

“This is what you call patriotism. When you come out tomorrow and see 2,3, 400 people coming out and picking this up, that’s patriotism. Our men and women are serving regardless of weather. You can watch was movie all you want and see the inclement weather, sometimes they’re pretty accurate. Come out here. Rain, shine, cold, hot, we’re here just like they are.”
– Kevin Cuttill Crusaders For Veterans President & Ceo

Cuttill went on to tell New 25, next year they plan to cover every single grave at the Biloxi National Cemetery.

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