Worldwide cyber-attack “Wannacry”

A law enforcement official says investigators believe additional companies in the United States have been affected by the global ransomware software cyber-attack, but have not yet come forward to report the attacks.
Authorities have been encouraging affected companies to contact law enforcement and not pay the ransom. While the attack that emerged Friday, hitting companies and governments around the world, ebbed in intensity Monday, experts warned that new versions of the virus could emerge.
Head computer technician Harold Neiper at Coast Computers in Biloxi tells News 25 Microsoft had already produced an update for Windows to avoid getting caught with ransomware. He says the best thing you can do is make sure your computer is up to date. “The options are have good antivirus software and good malware software. Here at the store we recommend Avast for antivirus and Malwarebites for malware. Free versions are good, but they don’t protect you as much as the pay versions.”
Neiper tells News 25 there is no way to unencrypt your files once they’ve been encrypted. After so many days the ransomware could totally wipe out your data.

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