World Down Syndrome Awareness Day: Local mom committed to making a difference for her son

Striving for inclusion and acceptance, March 21st is a day to raise awareness for people with Down Syndrome.

Every year, World Down Syndrome Day is held on the 21st day of the third month because the genetic disorder is the result of a third copy of a chromosome.

This day is circled on the calendar every year for Mika Hartman, who’s son Hudson has Down Syndrome. “It’s a great day to celebrate our children. Our children deserve to be celebrated. They really have value and purpose and they bring so much wonderful love into this world that is needed, and making sure that we show them that we love them and that we see what they can do, see the ability not the disability, remove that ‘D-I-S’… then together we can work to move awareness to acceptance.”

One step towards acceptance that Hartman has already made was passing the Down Syndrome Information Act, also known as Hudson’s Law, which is named after her son.

Governor Tate Reeves signed the legislation that would require doctors to provide accurate and up-to-date educational information to parents of children newly diagnosed with Down Syndrome. “A win is a win for all of our friends. When something good happens for Hudson, it means it happens for everyone, and I believe that the more we can educate our friends out there, the more that we learn together, the more that my son will never know how the world was that he was born into.”

Passing the law is one of the many ways Hartman has made a difference in the special needs community.

Hartman is also an ambassador for Buddy Cruise, which is a nonprofit charity providing educational opportunities and resources for families, while promoting awareness, advocacy, and inclusion for individuals with special needs.

This May, Hartman is hosting the first Mississippi charity golf event that will raise money to send a Coast family on this cruise.

If you would like to register or become a sponsor for this golf tournament, visit, click the events tab, and then choose the Mississippi golfing event.

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