Working to get traffic signals back on after Zeta

Hurricane Zeta left many things on the Coast battered and destroyed including multiple traffic signals some of which are still not back up and running.

In a continued effort to restore traffic signals along the Coast, Biloxi Public Works Department assisted Gulfport Monday morning to get signals at Debuys and Pass roads back working.

The City of Biloxi also announced that only seven of the 64 signalized intersections in the city are not functioning.

Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich released a statement saying the city is still waiting on parts and replacements for the signals, just like many other cities.

Here is a quick update about those intersections still without traffic lights. Biloxi Public Information Officer Vincent Creel said, “Two of the destroyed signals are on Eisenhower and two of the destroyed signals are on Howard. Please be careful at those intersections. Please be careful at all intersections. Those intersections with broken signals should be treated as four-way stops.”

More than 64,000 cubic yards of debris has also been picked up in Biloxi since Zeta. Debris bagged in plastic bags will now begin to be picked up as well.

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