Workforce development strategy conference held in Jackson

Governor Tate Reeves and Accelerate Mississippi Executive Director Ryan Miller held a press conference today on the state’s efforts to better organize and develop workforce development strategy.

Governor Reeves signed Senate Bill 2564 which created Accelerate Mississippi. The organization then hired Miller as the inaugural executive director on April 12th, 2021.

Reeves states that the program’s preliminary findings show that there is success at a micro level, but says there is still room to improve on a macro level.

Reeves and his office then decided to divide Mississippi into eight regions so that each region can be assed by population, geography, infrastructure, and connectivity. “As I’ve said throughout my entire public service career, one of my top priorities has been to make Mississippi the best place in America to live, the best place in America to invest capital, and to create jobs, the best place in America to work, and ultimately, the best place in America to raise a family.”

Reeves states that this ecosystem initiative can be one of the most important ones to help grow the economy.

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