Woods fire running rampant in Hancock and Harrison County

Wood fires are raging through Harrison and Hancock County threatening everyone in their path.

Along with the threat of COVID-19 some families in Hancock and Harrison County are faced with losing their homes to woods fire.  Hancock County resident Donna Baughman said,“We just pray that they get it under control because we have a lot of people that we love who live around here and we don’t want to see anything bad happen.”

Hancock County resident Temperest Lusich along with others in the Lakeshore Community have been monitoring a large blaze. “Yesterday, we were watching it and it seems to dissipate and today it comes with vengeance and I have a 93 and a 94 year old parents. So, I got my brother to come and get them and take them to his house.”

According to the Mississippi Forestry Commission at 10 on Wednesday morning thanks to a windy day the flames ignited once again. Lusich says she hasn’t seen anything this grave in a long time. “I was here for Katrina and I have never seen anything like this ever. Maybe marsh fires, but nothing as big as this.”

Meanwhile in Harrison County: “Once again we’re back out in the woods. We have a very large woods fire in the Saucier advance, West Wortham Road area. Don’t know how many acres. It’s probably gonna be at least several hundred. This fire was very complex and very hard to fight because of number one it was deep in the woods as the other ones were, but it broke out and threatened a number of homes, a couple of neighborhoods. We had to evacuate people. Once again it’s just a situation where right now the atmospheric conditions are such that it’s too dangerous to burn or have any fire.”

The cause of these two fires is under investigation. Harrison County Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan says thanks to the quick actions of those on the front line, no residential property was lost. “We were able to put everything we wanted to improve on at this fire. I think it’s made a difference in that we’ve gotten on top of this sooner. We’ve called out units quicker. We took all of our resources and put them forth immediately and did everything we could do to keep any homes from burning.”

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