Woods fire on Canal Road and 28th Street

Harrison County Fire Rescue, Gulfport Fire Department, and Forestry Commission crews have been battling a large woods fire for six days.

Several homes have been threatened near Canal Road and 28th Street, but fire crews have been able to protect all structures so far.

Crews are still working to extinguish the fire. However, until it rains it will continue to burn.

Although, the statewide burn ban has been lifted, conditions are still very dangerous for any burning due to dry conditions and high winds. Harrison County Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan said, “We’re asking people to consider not burning for the short term, even though we don’t have a burn ban. Maybe using an extra bit of caution if they do have to burn, if they feel it’s absolutely necessary. You never leave a fire unattended. You always have implements there, your tools to take care of that fire. You don’t burn while the wind is blowing to the point where you can’t control it. Those things are common sense, but we’re still having a lot of fires causing us problems.

Sullivan says he is requesting the Harrison County Board of Supervisors issue a burn ban for the county. Until it’s approved, Sullivan urges residents to exercise caution.

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