Women in Construction work on projects with the City of Gautier

New improvements are underway to a popular city park in Gautier and Women in Construction is the group hired for the job.
Gulfport resident Courtney Walker calls herself a girly-girl and when it comes to taking on a trade typically cut out for men, she found out she can measure up. “It’s something different for me, but it’s a challenge. At the end of the day, I just said I’m going to do it.”
Walker is a single mother from upper Mississippi that moved to the Coast to be a part of Women in Construction, an eight week course drilling in the skills needed for a career in the trades. Skills that Biloxi resident Kelly Richardson says she would have never thought she could learn. “I wasn’t getting a job. Nobody was hiring me so I needed to get some more skills so I decided to check this program out and it’s been wonderful. I didn’t really know I was capable of some of the stuff I’ve been doing.”
As part of a brand new partnership with the City of Gautier, Women in Construction is working in George W. Martin Park, renovating the walking bridge, as well as finishing up the park’s volunteer coordinator office.
Officials say the projects are the start of many to come within the city. “They need the volunteer work. We’re more than willing to provide the volunteers when they are they’re getting on the job training.”
Once these ladies hammer out these projects and graduate from the program they say the skills they learned along the way really open doors for the future. “I want to do installation,”said Walker. Richardson said, “I’m considering the welding program or possibly installation.”

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