Wisconsin Spring Breakers Come to Biloxi

Spring Break is a time where many college students find themselves living it up on some beach in the South. Today, News 25’s Shelby Myers found one group of University of Wisconsin-Madison students who made their way to Biloxi for Spring Break but it’s not to party.

Scraping paint off of a house, it’s not a chose anyone looks forward to and especially not a chore you would find many college students jumping at the change to do in their free time. It’s exactly how a group of students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison are spending their Spring Break 2016. “Rather than going to some beach somewhere or something, we drive down to places and volunteer our time with local organizations that organize these special projects for us. We switch different places each day and do various projects to help people out,” said alternative spring breaker Tyler Buhr.

Buhr and his colleagues are a part of the Wisconsin Union Directorate. They’ve teamed up with Community Collaborations International on the Coast that offers college students an alternative Spring Break, a Spring Break with opportunities to gain a little. “Otherwise, you’re on a crowded beach and you don’t get any culture, you don’t get to really explore your new places, and you’re just sitting in one spot. You get to go explore a new city. Most of us have never been to Mississippi ever so that’s kind of exciting,” said Lily Comp.

The house these students are working to renovate isn’t just any house, it’s a historical home that once belong to M.F. Nichols, the principal of the first all colored high school in Biloxi. Councilman Felix Gines has a plan for it. “My sister and I, Anna Gines, what we did is we purchased it and what we’re trying to do is renovate it. We have a non-profit that’s going to take it over and utilize it.”

Although many of their friends are relaxing for Spring Break, these students prefer the alternative because it’s a more fulfilling one.

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