William Carey Update

William Carey University continues to move toward a full recovery after last weekend’s storm damaged most of its property.
William Carey University President Tommy King said, “In 15 seconds, 90 percent of our buildings had major damage.”
Construction workers and school officials are working overtime to help get William Carey University back to the campus it was before Saturday’s destructive tornado. Most of the debris around campus is gone and many of the structures are in the process of being repaired. However, six of the buildings on campus are a total loss.
During the tornado two automobiles actually slammed into the side of the two medical buildings on campus. Not a single student on campus suffered any severe injuries from the storm. Now, many are trying to cope with the emotional pain from seeing the aftermath of their dorm rooms. William Carey freshman Rachel Solaas said, “So many memories were just swirling around that place like a ghost. It was really insane seeing everything so broken like that. I felt like I was also broken.”
Solaas and her roommate, Chloe Wicker, spent all day gathering what was left from their dorm room in Bass Hall. Although the two had only lived in the small space for a couple of months, it was a safe haven they weren’t ready to depart from just yet. “As old and crotchy as this dorm is, it has become a home, especially since my family lives so far way. I’m going to miss it. We’ll be able to come back to Carey once they rebuild and stuff, but it won’t be the same,” said Wicker.
School officials decided to reject all federal funding, making the road to recovery even more challenging, but in some ways rewarding. “It’s been amazing seeing how God has worked through the students here and kind of brought everyone together just the way the school has stepped up and become a family,” said Solaas.

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