Wild at Heart Rescue save bird with catfish stuck in its throat

Wild at Heart and Dr. James Askew were able to save the life of a bird that washed ashore.

The double-crested cormorant was found on the beach with a catfish and a hook lodged in its throat.

Catfish are known to stick their barbs out when in danger. The bird was unable to swallow or spit it out.

Wild at Heart rushed the cormorant to Dr. Askew, who was able to remove the catfish and the hook.

Dr. Askew is a wildlife and exotic vet who partners with Wild at Heart to help wildlife. “I have a basic saying in philosophy – I’ve been doing it for over 20 years – ‘compassion is the right of all creatures’. Now, where compassion comes from it’s going to differ for every individual, every situation. So, I’m not to the point where I would want to judge whether or not that stray dog needs help or that stray cat needs help or the bird that’s washed up on shore with two catfish stuck to it. The thing is, if there is a way to get compassion to that creature, it shouldn’t be denied.”

The double-crested cormorant will continue to be rehabbed and will be released after she recovers. You can see more footage at James Askew DMV on YouTube.

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