Wild Acres celebrates Sammy the Sloth’s third birthday

Sammy the Sloth celebrated his third birthday in fashion!

A birthday party in Sammy’s honor was held at his home at Wild Acres in McHenry so all his friends could celebrate with him.

The party had plenty of music, friends, and cake. Sammy decided it was too cold outside so guests joined him in his room where they were able to hold and pet him while learning about two-toed sloths.

While Sammy took his morning nap, guests went on a tour to explore the other animals living at Wild Acres. Staff Manager and Keeper Breanna Anderson said, “Like I said, he’s an ambassador for his species, so a lot of people want to come out and get to meet Sammy. But he does a lot for sloths and conservation. He teaches a lot of people about the importance of certain things in the environment and the wild that they wouldn’t know otherwise. So, a lot of people enjoy meeting Sammy. He puts a smile on everyone’s face, and we’re glad that Wild Acres is able to be a part of that.”

Even though Sammy is three, he is not fully grown yet and will continue to party with his guests next year.

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