Wiggins’ New Police Station

After nearly two years of operating out of a cramped temporary space, the Wiggins Police Department will soon move into a brand new building to help them fight crime.
Also, the police department just launched a brand new way for them to get connected with the community.
It can’t be easy fighting crime out of temporary confined quarters but for the past two years, Wiggins police have made it work. The group was forced out of their old station due to environmental issues. Now, thanks to Senator Roger Wicker and Congressman Steven Palazzo, the department has a grant to rebuild their old location.
Mayor Joel Miles said, “They’ll have more room. It will be set up as a police department and a court. It’s a combination of court and police and it’s been re-configured inside to fit their needs.”
With the help of the $250,000 FEMA grant and a $150,000 MDA grant, Wiggins police expect to be moved into their new headquarters by next spring or early summer. “I have to brag on our guys,” said Mayor Miles, “They’ve been doing great out of small, cramped quarters and they had a smooth transition moving out of that department into this smaller one and have continued to operate as they always have. So, transitioning back into that certainly won’t be an issue.”
Moving forward seems to be the trend for the Wiggins Police Department. They are the first department in the state to be a part of the Wired Blue ‘My Police Department’ phone app. Wiggins Police Chief Matt Barnett said, “the great thing about it is just about as it happens, major stuff, we’ll be able to get some information out to the city, even if there’s a major wreck, shutting a road down, water line busted. There’s a lot of different ways we can use it besides law enforcement but that’s what it was developed for.”
The new app has 40 different features and can also be used by witnesses to submit tips anonymously. “We’re going to be able to put out wanted pictures of people, descriptions of the crimes, who we’re looking for,” said Chief Barnett.
So, with a bigger and better police station on the way and a new app by their side, Wiggins police say they’re more equipped to keep their community safe and connected.
The app is free to download for Apple and Android.

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