Wiener Wonderland is back in Woolmarket

When you combine a love of Christmas lights with a love of dachshunds, you get the Wiener Wonderland.

Shelby Pierce’s fun dachshund Christmas display is back this holiday season in front of her home on Karli Lane in Woolmarket.

This year, Pierce is also raising awareness for Tired Dog Rescue and encouraging others to support their cause. Pierce began the light show in 2015 with ten wiener dog displays and this year it has grown to 51 replica dachshunds featuring various winter scenes. “It takes me over two weeks to put it together, I get a lot of people riding by when I’m putting it out, you know, stop and say things, and then I post it on Facebook and my Facebook’s been blowing up for two days now since I’ve posted it. It’s great to see it, it goes all over the country.”

Pierce encourages people to drive by and enjoy the display this Christmas season. For more information on Tired Dog Rescue’s Mission visit

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