Whale rescued from Alabama

A whale that was stranded on the beach in Fort Morgan, Alabama on Saturday is now stable and fighting to recover at the Institute for Marine and Mammal Studies thanks to trained volunteers and beachgoers.
News 25’s Caroline Eaker stopped by the IMMS to see how the whale is doing.
A melon headed whale found itself in trouble Saturday morning when it washed ashore an Alabama beach, but beachgoers quickly came to its rescue and called for help. The 300 pound whale has now landed in the care of Dr. Moby Solangi at the Institute for Marine and Mammal Studies in Gulfport. “We have a 24 hour watch on it. Initially we had to keep it up so it didn’t drown so we helped it. It’s now on its own, but it’s still struggling. It’s confused being from an ocean into a tank, but we have people constantly helping it, assuring it that everything is going to be fine.”
The adult male whale has had blood samples taken and been put on antibiotics to fight off a possible lung infection and is also being treated for dehydration. Experts with IMMS say the whale is one of two rescued this week. “Another one of its species had to be euthanized because it was very sick. This animal was in a little better shape and we thought it would be good to rescue and rehab it,” said Dr. Solangi.
Dr. Solangi says that Hurricane Harvey could have been one of the factors that contributed to the whale’s condition. “I think there are a number of reasons. I believe Hurricane Harvey had something to do with it. There was tremendous disruption in the Gulf of Mexico. We also have the dead zone which is the largest in history. The ten thousand miles at the mouth of the Mississippi River that all the agricultural, industrial, and sewage waste coming in.”
Experts from the IMMS say the next 72 hours will be crucial and they will continue to watch the whale closely and monitor its progression with the hopes of letting him back into the water when he regains his health.

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