Whale makes remarkable recovery at IMMS

After almost three months, a melon-headed whale being treated at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is finally ready to be released back into the Ocean.
The three hundred pound whale washed ashore on an Alabama beach in early September and landed under care of the IMMS team in Gulfport. At the time the whale was found, it was in critical condition and put under 24 hour care.
Today, the adult male has gone through a remarkable recovery and is expected to be released in the next two weeks. IMMS Executive Director Dr. Moby Solangi said, “For human beings, you’ve got Red Cross, the United Way, and for these marine animals there is nobody except us. So, we do whatever we can. It’s a 24/7 operation. We have very highly qualified folks to take care of these animals.”
Although the institute’s efforts at rehabilitating the whale are coming to an end, their mission of public education, conservation, and research continues.
Before releasing the mammal, staff will be putting a satellite tag on the whale, allowing them to follow it.

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