West Wortham teacher receives donation

A West Wortham Elementary teacher received a generous donation from Hancock Bank to help replace her equipment that was vandalized back in May 2017. News 25’s Taylor Rubach attended the check presentation and has more on this emotional reaction.
It was an emotional surprise. Gifted teacher Tanya Voorhees is left speechless after learning Hancock Bank is donating two thousand dollars to help replace her damaged equipment. “Completely blown away. This was completely unexpected. I feel blessed by my community. I feel blessed to be a part of, a part of this school and a part of the family here.”
In May 2017, two students, aged 10 and 12, vandalized Voorhees’ classroom, destroying over $30,000 worth of electronics she and her students used for marketing projects with the Humane Society of South Mississippi. Equipment she was able to purchase through her Leo Seal Teacher Grant through Hancock Bank. “It was just a very startling day to walk in and discover, you know, that there was some damage that the space had been invaded. I guess you can say and there was a bit of destruction,” said Voorhees.
Mississippi President of Hancock Bank Keith Williams said, “We got to make this right so we began then thinking about re-issuing the grant money to her so that she could replace that equipment. We didn’t want the negatives to win out on this with vandalism. We wanted it to be positive.”
With some of her donation money, Voorhees plans to buy more laptops so her students can practice their learning skills in graphic design. “We study advertising and we study photography and we try to integrate these ideas. We go into the Humane Society and they take photographs of different animals and they come up with slogans and we use some graphic design skills to create posters.”
After a minor setback, Voorhees and her students can now continue to move forward. “We’ll definitely make it happen. I think the program will be stronger than it ever was before.”

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