West Harrison Cheer brings home a National Championship

Winning their first national championship trophy, the West Harrison Cheer Squad is welcomed back home with spirit and victory praise from the community.

The West Harrison cheer squad went full out this season, bringing home a national championship from Orlando, Florida.

With 25 cheerleaders, eight of which are boys, this year’s squad grew in numbers and skills. Head Coach Heather Surpas said, “Started off at the bottom. When I first started, maybe our highest place we’d ever gotten was sixth place.”

Out of the eight male cheerleaders on the team, three of them are also football players. Assistant Coach Caitlin Holley said, “When our football players started with us, they said they didn’t know it was going to be that hard.”

It was the cheer in cheerleader that took a while to catch on. Keonte Smith is a running back on the football team. He said, “Cheering like spiriting, I never thought that’d be the hardest thing, but it’s really had to be extra.”

During the season, the team also overcame injuries. Freshman Daisy Parker tells News 25 the team supported her decision to keep practicing with a broken arm. “Once you have determination and get it in your head that I’m going to do it and I can do it when it gets easier.”

They went undefeated this year at the state, regional, and national level.  The squad won trophies this entire season. Hard work and sometimes twice a day practices paid off, they hit the routine at nationals. “So full of emotion because you know what those kids have done, the people in the audience have only seen that one moment.”

Now they’re back home and the community is proud. “To have some championships under our belt is just great for the community of the school.”

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