West Harrison band members reflect on the Rose Parade

It was an extra special Christmas break for members of the West Harrison High School band. The hurricane band made the trip out to Pasadena, California last week to perform in the 131st Rose Parade.

If anyone wants to question the amount of work bands put in, go speak with the folks at West Harrison High School. “A lot of after school practices, a lot of practices during the weekends.”

The hard work and long practices appeared to pay off as the Hurricane Band was invited to play in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, the first Mississippi band to do so in 30 years. Drum Major Rachel Weaver said, “It was magical seeing all of the smiling faces of everyone in the audience, like the children, the people who have been to the parade like every year.”

Flute/Piccolo player Alexia Manganti said, “It was really, really amazing just to see so many people on both sides. It’s just so real.”

The West Harrison Band is no stranger to the big stage, performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2017.

However, the Parade of Roses is a little different as it features a grueling five and a half mile route. Saxophone player Jacob Raymond said, “At first we were just like ‘ok this is a lot to learn, this is a lot.’ We were kind of nervous and then we started getting into the groove and got good.”

An A plus performance in the parade will be something to remember, but spending time with your friends and band-mates seems to be where the real memories are made. “Since a lot of the seniors are graduating. It was a great time to spend a few more moments with my friends before they all leave.”

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