Wear Blue for Dallas

In the wake of the recent murders of police officers in Dallas and the negative sentiment spreading on social media towards police, police departments and civilians around the country are showing support by wearing blue today.
The Gulfport Mayor’s Youth Council is an example of one group who stood with Dallas today. They attended a meeting at Hancock Bank in Gulfport, learning about financial responsibility, all while showing that they stand with law enforcement by wearing blue.
This is a symbol of support for not only the officers that died so tragically, but also support for all law enforcement around the country. Gulfport Mayor’s Youth Council member Allie Estorge said, “Our law enforcement does so much for us and I feel like it’s very important that we show support in some way because they do so much behind the scenes and they keep us safe and it’s very important that we support them.”
Employees of the D’Iberville Police Department took part today as well. They wore blue, donned blue ribbons and delivered a banner with pictures of the employees that stated: “You make us feel safe, proud and well taken care of. We support and love you.”

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