Ways to make sure your pets stay safe during the New Year’s celebrations

One group that needs support during the New Year’s festivities are pets.

Anxiety in animals during New Years is a common occurrence, but thankfully there are several ways to relieve the stress.

An easy way to help the animals is to turn the volume up on the television or radio to drown out the fireworks.

Giving your pet prescribed medicine that relaxes them could also help reduce stress.

If you stay home, keeping your pets close is important. If you plan on going out, it is recommended to keep your pets inside and in a kennel or crate. Jackson County Animal Shelter Adoption Coordinator Maridee Mallette said, “It’s very important. I have a lot of dogs, and several of them are scared to death of the noise, so I make sure they are up, and if you have to, make sure they are in the wired kennels at night. I don’t usually leave my animals home alone, but if I do, they are in wired cages, and I have music on or the tv or something to drown out the noise.”

Make sure your pets’ microchips are up to date and working in case they get out so they can be easier to track.

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