Waveland stabbing victim’s family speaks out

Yesterday, 43-year-old Daniel Boudreaux Jr. was found by Waveland police outside the Gulf Grove Apartment Complex suffering from a puncture wound that he later died from.

Witnesses say Aaron Boudreaux Sr. and Clifton McCay fled the scene after attacking Daniel Boudreaux Jr. After further investigation by police, Aaron Boudreaux Sr. is being charged with homicide and felon in possession of a weapon.

This morning, News 25 spoke with the victim’s aunt, Shelia Boudreaux Olson, who believes there is more to the story of her nephew’s murder. “This was a senseless murder. I mean, they had two teenagers together. This probably was a lover’s quarrel or a spat between the two men. I am sure they showed up there and a fight ensued, but I mean no one needed to die. It’s just senseless.”

Shelia says the family has reached out to law enforcement about this situation. News 25 will continue to update you if any more information becomes available.

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