Waveland looking to bring handicap access to the beach

The City of Waveland is currently soliciting bids to construct a handicapped access ramp on their beach.

It will include an access ramp that would allow wheelchairs to have a quick and easy path from Coleman Avenue Beach parking lot onto the beach and right into the water.

The project is being made a reality through Marine Resources Tidelands Funding.

It will be different from other handicap beach access points along the Coast in that it will be made from concrete making it more sustainable. The ramp will go right alongside Ladnier Pier.

News 25 spoke with Waveland Mayor Mike Smith who says this project has been in the works for years and is important to citizens. “This is a project that we have been waiting on for four years now and I think it’s so important and you know we don’t want the rollout mats where sand will get up between them and cause issues. So the handicap access is going to attract just that many more people.”

The bids will be opened in January 2020 and they anticipate that Waveland will be able to award in early spring and build shortly after.

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