Waveland family builds home out of shipping containers

Shipping containers are being used for more than just shipping items these days. One family in Waveland has turned some containers into a home.

Homeowner David Cole said, “I thought what could I do that was affordable that would be able to be sustainable and also durable.”

After leaving Arizona to move back to the Coast, David Cole wanted something that could withstand the weather, but also be energy efficient. He proposed the idea of a shipping container home to his parents Anita and Paul Johnson and they were on board. “So, we came back and we started building,” said Anita.

After getting all the proper permits and paper work, the family began working on the home, which took longer than expected due to severe weather and material shortages. “Once we actually got everything together, it was roughly around six months.”

“We bought the property last February and we initially started building in August.”

The shipping container home is 640 square feet, made up by two 8 by 40 high cubes. The home includes two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a living area, and even a custom fireplace. “It’s very modern. It’s made to look industrial modern.”

Anita says the feedback has been mostly positive by those in the Waveland community. “We have four or five people stopping by everyday wanting to take a look and they just really love it.”

The family hopes these homes will become a new trend along the Coast. “This would be a perfect location, especially down on Coleman, to put some neat little businesses, maybe some condos.”

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