Watching the bridges and overpasses during wintry weather

Vigilance: that’s what workers throughout South Mississippi have shown as they keep a watchful eye out to make sure residents in our areas are safe and warm.
Popp’s Ferry Bridge Tender Jennifer Hudson works with Biloxi city leaders early Friday morning, keeping track of the overpass and drawbridge conditions. Fortunately, nothing here iced over, at least early in the day, but extra patrols will be out until the wintry weather threat is over. “We’ll have our public safety people out there, making sure our roadways are safe. The biggest thing they’re going to be doing is having a presence on the roadway to remind people to slow down.”
Cold, wet, and drizzly conditions for sure, but much different than the scene nearly four years ago when Hudson was standing her post in the same spot back in January 2014 when the Popps Ferry Bridge did freeze over and was shut down. That was the last time ice and snow shut down most travel in South Mississippi.
While students in the Hancock County area got the day off, Biloxi school was still in session. “The kids might not be happy that school was in session today, but the parents were happy because you have to remember that when the kids are not in school that means the parents have to either take off work or find a place for someone to take care of the kids.”
Utility crews throughout South Mississippi will be on standby, keeping an eye out to make sure that power poles and power lines do not freeze over. “We have 80,000 members in Harrison, Hancock, and Pearl River counties. This morning, Harrison and Hancock counties are clear. We don’t have any outages in those areas. We do have outages in parts of Pearl River County this morning where the weather’s been a little bit worse.”
While those power outages have since been taken care of, South Mississippi workers, from utility companies to bridge tenders, will be working overtime until the unusually cold and wintry weather passes through.

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