Warrant Clearance Program

Citizens of Moss Point and Long Beach will have a second chance at clearing their names of any outstanding misdemeanor warrants or fines.

From February 1st to April 30th, Long Beach citizens will have the opportunity to contact the municipal court to address outstanding warrants and fines. Long Beach Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens said, “You’ll come in and as if it was like a regular scheduled court date, meet with a judge, you’ll still have to work on paying your fines, but they reduce everything and it gives you a chance to clear your record.”

This is the second year for the City of Long Beach to host the warrant clearance program. One of the major benefits is that a resident will not be arrested for having an outstanding warrant. “This can benefit you by getting your licenses reinstated, help you get back on your feet, get a new job,” said Levens.

The City of Moss Point will host a similar program to assist their citizens. You must call or come into the municipal court to schedule a court date in order to have the bench warrant fee dismissed. Moss Point Municipal Court Clerk Ashley Gardner said, “The only warrants that are eligible are the non-violent misdemeanor warrants, no felony warrants, no domestic violence, just non-violent misdemeanor warrants.”

There are no additional fees to participate in the programs. You will have the opportunity to discuss fines with the judge and get them resolved within a reasonable time frame. “We are excited to hold it and give them a clear mind coming in here that they won’t go to jail by coming,” said Levens.

Gardner said, “We have over $11 million outstanding in fines so this program is really important to us to get everyone in to handle their fines.”

Visit the Facebook page or call the municipal courts of either city if you have any questions.

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