[Warning: Graphic Content] Animal Abuse Exposed on Social Media

This story contains graphic cellphone video of animal abuse that was captured in Jackson County and then posted to the popular social media app Snapchat before it found its way to Facebook. The footage is disturbing, viewer discretion is advised.
Distributing video out of Moss Point has been making its way around the internet. The footage shows a man pouring boiling water on a cat trapped in a cage with nowhere to go. The video has been viewed 19,000 times and has gotten the attention of local police thanks to a woman from Gulfport. Jourdan Thigpen is the woman who posted the video to Facebook. She said, “I was actually in my room and a friend of mine came in and asked me how to report people to animal control. I told her to contact local police and from there they will take it and investigate it. Then she showed me the video. You can hear people laughing in the background and you know the emojis that had the crying laughing face and they were pouring the boiling hot water. We made the decision to go ahead and share it on Facebook. I didn’t think that it would get as big as it’s gotten. It has almost 500 shares. I was actually informed that they have located the cat, but it’s not in good shape.”
Most cases of abuse or neglect result in animals being seized and turned over to local animal shelters, depending on the severity of the animal’s condition. Maridee Mallette with Jackson County Animal Shelter said, “When I saw the post, I was tagged in it. I couldn’t. I only watched the very first part and I couldn’t watch it, I had to stop it. They do, Moss Point, all of the cities bring the animals to Jackson County Shelter. They all come to us. I don’t know if this cat is coming to us. I don’t know what’s going on. I have no idea. I just know they’re investigating it. I just hope the cat’s ok. I have no idea. We’re all waiting to see what’s gonna happen.”
Moss Point Police Department is working the case, but has been unavailable for comment.

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