Warming Up at Downstage Productions Theatre in Gulfport for Shows to Take Center Stage Once Again: Little Women Set to Debut This Weekend

Local cast and crew are warming up for a big show! Little Women: The Broadway Musical, is set to take place center stage at Downstage Productions Theatre in Gulfport this weekend and next.

Living the dream-that’s just what 17-year-old South Mississippian Jacob Matthews is doing as he prepares for his debut in community theatre, starring as the male lead, Laurie Lawrence, in Little Women: The Broadway Musical, set to take center stage this weekend at Downstage Productions Theatre in Gulfport.

“Being on actual Broadway would be so much fun to do. After high school, I’m torn between doing film or Broadway, but either way, that’s definitely the dream,” Jacobs said.

Director Trae Spears is also living the dream.

He’s been guiding local talent like Matthews for nearly a decade at Downstage Productions Theatre.

“It’s been over a year since we’ve done a performance so being able to be back on stage again doing a full Broadway Musical with an all star cast – this cast is phenomenal, and it’s the full range of emotions you’re going to be able to experience, coming to see this show,” said Director Trae Spears, who is also with Downstage Productions Theatre.

Even though the show was put on hold temporarily, when it was set to take place last March of 2020 due to COVID, the crew at Downstage Productions Theatre in Gulfport weren’t idle. In fact, they put a collection of posters up, chronicling all the shows they’ve put on ever since they opened in 2013.

“We’ve done 18 musical shows as well as a few different straight plays without music. It’s been amazing to go back and look. It’s funny now. We’ve never had all of our posters from past shows hung up in one place, so to look at the back wall of the theatre and see how many shows we’ve done, it’s unreal to see what we’ve accomplished, and the amount of lives we’ve touched and brought together,” Spears said.

You can catch Little Women: The Broadway Musical Friday, April 9 and Saturday, April 10 at 7 pm.
On Sunday, April 11, a matinee show will debut at 2 pm, and the show will take center stage the following weekend as well.

For ticket prices or to purchase tickets for the actual show, or an online streamed show, just head over to their website at downstage.net.

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