Walter Anderson Art Trip to Horn Island

If you’re an artist here on the Coast, here’s a trip you won’t want to miss. The Walter Anderson Museum of Art is sponsoring a three day, two night trip to Horn Island. You can experience the nature that inspired the art we’ve all grown to know and love here on the coast.
In addition to seeing what inspired Walter Anderson, his son John will be there as the personal tour guide around the island.
These trips used to happen frequently and the museum is eager to start offering them again as a way to help local artists see what inspired the great Walter Anderson.
Heather Rumfelt, the education direct at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, said, “Before Katrina, the trips that went out there were frequent. I feel like we need to, as the museum, need to start offering that to artists.”
The trip is $275 and the registration deadline is Friday. If you’re interested in signing up, you can send an email to or call the museum.

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