Walt Disney World Winter Wonderland at the Child Development Center

The Child Development Center in Harrison County never sells itself short with Christmas decorations.

Especially when Mickey and the whole gang are invited as this year’s theme is a “Walt Disney World Winter Wonderland.”

Walking through their hallway makes you feel as if you’re walking through Disney World with their numerous characters all decked out for Christmas.

Most of their students are four and under and they’re determined to get every student ready for Old St. Nick.

The center works with children across the county with developmental delays and their goal is to close the gap before they go to kindergarten.

One way they do this is through exposure to new things such as the winter wonderland.

These decorations didn’t go up in one day. It took several weeks to get these hallways holiday ready. Sharon Malley with the Harrison County Child Development Center said, “Just to give the children some joy to bring them joy in this crazy year.”

Harrison County Child Development Center Director Rebecca Parker said, “I’ve been in the field for 34 years and this is the most wonderful staff. They take such good care of the kids and provide them with extra instruction, and this is just an example.”

The most wonderful time of the year is coming to an end as today is the last day for their students and the Walt Disney World Winter Wonderland.

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