Walmart Supercenter Behind Schedule

The Singing River Mall used to be home national chains such as RadioShack, JcPenney’s and Sears.
After the demolition of most of the mall, Belk is the only one left standing, forcing residents to travel out of town to shop.
“Like over to Biloxi and Mobile. And around Christmas time when you have to travel that far to shop. I was hoping something would be done here soon,” said Nancy Robison.
Wal-Mart was supposed to be the first store to open in the new open air mall.
But, due to recent openings in other cities, the Supercenter hasn’t made their way into Gautier just yet.
“We were told October 1st, we were going to have a brand new Wal-Mart and I don’t see any progress with that yet,” said Bebe Sutherland.
“They do have a development agreement with the city of Gautier and with the mall owners. Everything that we were told is that Wal-Mart continues to be committed to Gautier. That the project is alive, but we don’t have a date,” said Samantha Abell.
Open space, green grass, peace and quiet. These are usually positive things, but not when the world’s number one retailer is supposed to be nearly a third of the way through building their newest business right in this location. Even with the lack of progress, the city is still keeping hope that Wal-Mart follows through.
For now, Gautier residents will have to spend their money elsewhere.

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