Walk for Zaylan

A walk to remember six-year-old Zaylan Sparkman took over 34th Avenue in Gulfport with an outcry of love and support from the community. News 25’s Taylor Rubach was at the walk and candlelight vigil for the little boy who tragically passed away one week ago today after being shot by his 16-year-old brother.
The community gathered today hand-in-hand for prayer before they walked in remembrance for little Zaylan Sparkman. Stephanie Williams said, “It’s really beautiful to see people come out and have a heart for both families with the situation at hand.”
Stephanie Williams is Zaylan’s cousin. She is one of the many trying to find something positive in the midst of tragedy. “He was a very, very lovable six-year-old child and he should be here, but unfortunately he’s not so we’re going to honor him today and tomorrow and for the rest of his life we’re going to honor little Zaylan.”
Also heartbroken and hoping to make a positive impact on the community is Jantail Thomas who wants to put a stop to gun violence before devestation like this strikes again.“It’s hard losing a child, especially a baby at that of six-years-old. We’re kind of putting awareness out here you know also for teens and parents to start getting up and doing an investigation of their own house. You never know if your child is running around here in the streets. You never know what they’re bringing in your house. So kind of, you know, to prevent this from happening again.”
So together they walk to Zaylan’s home in memory of the little boy whose parents are still numb from grief. “The dad is still very much in pain. He’s angry. He’s sad and he has that right to be, you know, it’s hard for us. Our million dollar question is we want to know why. That’s the question we want to know why,” said Williams.
But for now, they light candles and release balloons in honor of the six-year-old little boy whose life was tragically taken away.

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