W.A.V.E Holding Vigil for Assault Victim

In the wake of the tragic assault on a woman working at an apartment complex in Ocean Springs last week, one Coast group is joining forces. News 25’s Katarina Luketich gives us the details about a candlelight vigil planned for tomorrow night and introduces us to those behind it.
News of an Ocean Springs apartment complex manager being raped and beaten beyond recognition devastated the entire community. Tomorrow night, at 6:30 the organization Women Against Violence Everywhere, or WAVE, is holding a candlelight vigil at Fort Maurepas Park in her honor. WAVE member Heather Denison said, “You know, just want her to know that we’re supporting her and we’re behind her as a community, friends and fellow moms.”
While the vigil is for the victim of last week’s attack, organizers want to ensure we remember all victims of violence. WAVE member Robin Cooley said, “There also have been several domestic violence issues lately across the Coast. We just want to show our support and let them know that their community is there for them. We just want to wrap our arms around them and lift them up.”
Domestic violence happens in communities every day, whether we hear about it or not. Members of WAVE want women to know there are great resources here on the Coast like the Women’s Center for Nonviolence for them to utilize. “It’s an uncomfortable issue for people to talk about, but that doesn’t make it go away,” said Cooley.
Tomorrow, the community will come together and address the elephant in the room, to talk about it for the woman attacked last week and for all other victims who have suffered or who are suffering. Event organizers hope that raised awareness can help our community cope with the violence and do their part in an effort to stop it from happening.
Candles will be provided for tomorrow night’s vigil but people are also welcome to bring their own.

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