Voters Cast Ballots for Super Tuesday

Voters in 12 states are heading to the polls on Super Tuesday.
People started bright and early to vote for their favorite candidate. Ten states are holding primaries. Colorado and Minnesota are holding caucuses.
Both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are hoping to solidify their leads in the delegate race. Many political analysts say historically the candidate who can take a lead on Super Tuesday will go on to win their party’s nomination. USM associate professor for International Policy and Development Dr. Bob Pauly said, “Pretty high proportion. I mean, Super Tuesday comes at least a little ways on in the process and I mentioned the delegate count. You’re at a point where you’ve had well over half the available delegates by the time Super Tuesday is over will have been decided. Historically, if someone is considerably out in front come Super Tuesday, it’s very unlikely that they’re going to lose the race. It’s not impossible by any means but very unlikely.”
Polls will stay open through the day with Alaska being the last of the polls to close at midnight eastern time. Mississippi voters will take the polls next Tuesday.

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